The Three Main Components of Any Internet Business

Internet business can take any form and still need three main components. Without them there is no business. You can still make money with one or two, but to build a business that can become your rewarding career you’ll need all three components. These are only the basics though. Still you need more resources, tools, skills, and mentality in order to succeed as a strategic entrepreneur.

These three components are: a website, traffic to this website, and a list.

1. A Website: Despite what others might tell you, or the fact that it’s possible to make some money on the Internet without a website, you can not build an Internet business without a website. The website is the store front in some cases, like when you are selling your own or other people products. It could be your property that you rent (advertising space) or flip for quick profit as a virtual estate (as opposed to real estate). No matter what, you need the website. Even brick and mortar businesses that operate mainly off-line need websites. On the website you’ll have all the means to sell, presell, upsell, downsell, close, and serve your customers.

You can also use your website to get your customers to help you spread the word about your business to their contacts. A free website or a blog can do the job, but you are leaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the table to save a few bucks. A website is an asset that you can sell for big lumps of cash if you need to, but only if you own it in the first place. A free website is not yours, it’s someone esle’s.

2. Traffic to that Website: A website without traffic is as good as none. If no body sees the website no one will take any of the actions that make you money. There are two main ways to get traffic to your website: you can buy the traffic, or generate it. Buying traffic is the first option for serious businesses because it’s predictable.

By predictable I mean that you know that you need a certain number of visitors to make a certain amount of money. So, you can buy just as much traffic as you need to make as much money. The downside is that the traffic comes to your website only when you pay for it. If you need more traffic tomorrow, and you will, you’ll have to pay for it again. Generated traffic, on the other hand, is considered perpetual (or residual) traffic. By generated traffic I mean organic search engine (through search engine optimization) and social traffic, and by perpetual and residual I mean that you work for the traffic today and get traffic for this amount of work for a long time, and every amount of work you add to generate this traffic adds up to the amount of traffic you’ll be getting every single day on the long run.

Of course there are other factors to consider. A good business practice is to get traffic to your website from both ways, and to diversify the traffic sources within each category. For example, don’t rely totally on Adwords while you know that Google is so moody that you could lose Adwrods traffic overnight. The same for generated organic traffic; diversify.

3. A List: Also known as “virtual ATM machine”. Make collecting your website visitors emails your top priority. Give something cool for free and ask for email to send it to. Keep sending them cool stuff for free to train them on opening your emails. The more cool free stuff you send them the more authority you’ll give yourself and the more eager they will be to open your emails. The result is a loyal responsive list. This is the kind of list that can make you money on demand. All what you need to do to make money is to have something to sell, whether yours or as an affiliate, and recommend it to your list in an email. This IS money on demand.