The Death of McDonald’s! Not really, but very close.

Tweet Last quarter McDonald’s reported a 21% slump. In January the CEO steps down and the new one is slowing down on building new branches. It happens all the time, and companies slump and come back. This is how business is. This is how the whole life is. In case of McDonald’s though there’s something […]

Smart Phone Apps – Billion Dollar Industry in it’s Enfancy

Tweet Smart phone and tablet apps is a crazy market, yet with only a few names competing on bigger shares. Just to give you an idea of how big this is, did you know that the company that made that angry birds game is now worth $2.25 Billion? Can you believe that? I wouldn’t pay […]

Trade-mark Infringement: A Crime, not a Marketing Technique

Tweet Among the numerous black hat marketing techniques is to register a domain name that includes a trade-mark and build a website about a related product that pays you commission per lead or sale. This is one of the black hat ways to get organic search engine traffic. It’s easy to do, cheap to start, […]

Branding Advertising, Google’s Slap, and You!

Tweet My last post about bringing value to the Internet and making money while doing so has raised some questions, especially from those who are used to direct marketing and measuring results with targeted keywords etc. The fact is that there are changes that are happening around us and a new trend is building, and […]

Who Needs Web Hosting?

Tweet Quite frankly everybody needs web hosting. Hosting companies know that and they are expanding in their infrastructure of servers, software, trained candidate, and marketing arsenal because they know they’re into something that’s getting more valuable than gold was in 1800s. Web hosting is not only for businesses and celebrities anymore. The need to have […]

Brand Names Are Taking Over

Tweet During the first quarter of 2010 it was obvious that the biggest names in affiliate networks are flirting with brand names. And although these networks are criticizing the Google slap and it’s impact on the affiliate marketing industry, they are doing the same. Small affiliate marketers are now having their accounts terminated or suspended […]