Yahoo! Kills Yahoo! Publisher Network

One of the highest quality and at the same time the cheapest of paid traffic that I’ve ever had in my whole online marketing career was from Yahoo! content network. If you are not familiar with it, it is Yahoo!’s version of Google’s Adsense program. It was only open for US residents, that’s way it wasn’t as popular as Adsense.

On an unexpected move from Yahoo! they announced discontinuing their publisher program by April 30th, and is advising their current clients to replace their ads with Chitika.

Yahoo! recommending Chitika is really a surprise, considering the partnership Yahoo! has with MSN, which also has a similar program. Besides, many people have been complaining about what basically can be due to the bad management of Chitika that made it look like a scam when it started back in 2005.

Chitika is a monetizing option for webmasters who have sites about products reviews, but only if they can not monetize their website traffic with affiliate links. I myslef would never publish a third party advertising on a website where I review products because it makes more sense and more money to monetize such reviews with affiliate links.

Anyway, Yahoo! is killing it’s publisher network that has been, and still is, a beta version. What concerns us now is the alternative for this wonderful traffic source and a monetization method for webmasters who can’t have a Google Adsense.

Try MIVA’s targeted, cost effective Pay-Per-Click advertising solutions. it is one of the best alternatives for advertisers in some niches. It also offers a pay-per-call, which is the perfect solution for call centers and MLMers who are still doing it on a one-on-one basis (which is good for their credibility and conversion compared to totally automated sytems).

For publishers from the US (and the UK) it is one of the best alternatives to Yahoo! Publishers Network because it is not only good for product review sites (like Chitika), but also in a variety of niches and site types.

Adbrite: Ok, I used this one in the past as an advertiser and wasn’t quite happy with my results. I eventually figured out a way to make it work for me, but that was after I found my way through Yahoo! content network which was superior to it and I didn’t have to use it anymore.

As an advertiser, you can pick which site to show your ads, which is a feature I’ve only found on Google’s network. This is by the way the only way to make your PPC ads on Adbrite profitable (by avoiding huge volume sites like ebay and dictionary like sites).

As a publisher, I must say it’s a really good alternative. It actually has some superiority to other similar publisher programs. For example, you can stay in control of what is published on your website. You can approve or disapprove ads based on any chriteria you want. For example you can disapprove low revenue ads, inappropriate ads, competitive ads … etc.

What I don’t recommend is Bidvertiser. The company has a black history for both advertisers and publishers. As advertisers if you are not tracking your ads (which is a killing mistake) you will be charged for clicks that never happened. And as a publisher most probably you’ll never get paid. I know it happened with me (as an advertiser and as a publisher) and it happened with hundreds of other publishers who might be really generating fraud clicks, but from my experience it doesn’t matter with Bidvertiser. And you don’t get any answers to your questions from any one over there in Tel Aviv. For me, Bidvertiser is a SCAM, so stay away from it.

The “Not So Secret” of Super Affiliates

If you have been around doing affiliate marketing for a while you must have noticed that there are some names that are always at the top of the list of super affiliates. And since you have been around for quite a while you must be at the same time on some of the lists of those super affiliates.

Whenever a new product is about to be released you’ll get emails from those top super affiliates giving you heads up about the new product, warming you up and preparing your mind set to be in the buying mode. And when it’s time for the launch you’ll receive an email (or several ones) telling you about their bonus for you in case you buy through their affiliate link. Sometimes, actually most of the time, the bonuses value is way beyound the commission that you’ll earn from buying that product through your own affiliate link, and difinitely more than what you are going to pay for the actual product.

That makes it look like a better deal for you to buy through the super affiliate’s link than when you buy directly from the seller or through another affiliate link (including your own link if you are allowed to).

And that IS the “not so secret” of the super affilaites. Build a targeted list, keep in contact with your list with bonuses and free information (keep moving the free line), and give incentives for them to buy through your affilaite link.

The real secret though is how to engineer this process. You’ll need to prepare a list building system that is engineered to funnel in a certain demography, subniche … whatever your target is. But first you’ll need to study this market and be aware of the past and the forcasted trends, the products that serve this market, and evaluate your share “to be” from this market and how to get it.

There are resources that will help you with engineering your list building system. In addition to the basics (the hosting, autoresponder or list management system, tracking software etc …) you’ll also need to have at your disposal a stock, or a source of, master resale rights products that you can use as bonuses (in case you don’t have your own products).

If you find this process intimidating it is recommended to get yourself a coach who knows the ins and outs of this business and can hold you accountable for your business building tasks as scheduled.

Unforunately I have too much on my plate to think about coaching, besides I don’t see my previous students doing any good (perhaps because I am not harsh enough or easy going). But don’t hesitate to ask any questions using the comment feature below.

The good news is that there are super affiliates out there who are willing to share with you their secrets, for a fee of course. And those super affiliates are the only ones you can trust in this environment of deceptive misguidance (to rob you off your money and minimize the competition). And at the top of list is Jennifer Ledbetter (aka potpie girl). In her private training she teaches how to use free resources to generate cash as an affiliate. She also teaches how to expand on a successful free campaign into a serious source of income they professionals do.

Her methods are time proven and have been generating cash for me since 2009.

Click here to get a free taste of her training.

Why do you need to build a list?

There are several models of online businesses. There are online shopping malls, niche stores, affiliate marketing, memebrship sites, and a lot of other forms. There is one common feature among all forms of online businesses: Money is in the List.

Even offline, stores like Old Navy, Sears, Gap, Banana Republic, Best Buy, and a lot more are using emails to multiply their sales several folds through coupons and special offers.

They all do that for a reason. They all realized the MONEY is really in the LIST.

Building a list is the one trend in marketing that never gets old. The method of communication might change with the advancement of technology, but the principles are the same.

The first thing that might have come to your mind is that those businesses are big already and they are seaking to spread their businesses to reach more customers. You are right, in a way.

Those businesses started on the ground. They have locations and over the years they have already built a brand name with reputation. But for you to start a business on the virtual world, whatever your business model is, you’ll need to build a list and capitalize on the power of email marketing.

Think about it as a crowd of customers that gave you the permission to sell to them. All what you need to do to make money is to find what you’ll want to sell to them, and  send them an email about it. That’s it. It’s like a virtual ATM machine.

Your list can also be the fastest source of traffic to flood any website with visitors.

This is as true for affiliates as for merchants, except that affiliates have no after-sale obligations.

List building is easy, it is actually the easiest thing to do in order to create a steady source of decent income within weeks from now. But not any list will do it. There are strategies and research involved in the process. You need to know those in order to be making a good use of your marketing efforts, time, and budget.

About the budget, it doesn’t have to be a big one. In fact, there are ways to build that list without any upfront investment. Just keep in mind that as soon as you have the money you’ll have to start investing in building your biggest asset for earning online; your list.

In the following few days I’ll be writing regularly about list building stages, strategies, tools, and how to monetize the process of list building.

Stay tuned my friend. This is going to be the best investment of your time.

FOMT Admin