Smart Phone Apps – Billion Dollar Industry in it’s Enfancy

Smart phone and tablet apps is a crazy market, yet with only a few names competing on bigger shares. Just to give you an idea of how big this is, did you know that the company that made that angry birds game is now worth $2.25 Billion? Can you believe that? I wouldn’t pay a penny to buy something that doesn’t even exist! Yet this thing that doesn’t exist is worth $2.25 Billion for some.

Also did you hear the news of that photo sharing app that facebook paid $1 Billion to acquire it, although the guy who made it couldn’t generate a single penny out of it?

Now that everyone is moving from laptop to tablets those apps are now getting an exponentially growing base of customers. Mobility now means a smart phone or a tablet. Laptops are now something from the past, unless you’re a grad student in some science discepline studying the tertiary structure of some protein molecule using some software that needs a huge storage space and a PC that runs ol’ windows.

This is a huge opportunity we’re talking about here. But is it only for nerds? Do you have to be some 4-eyed egghead mathematician to profit from this insanity?

Absolutely not. As an app business person all what you need to do is to have the idea for the app. Then either hire someone to code it for you and invest around $20 grand to get it super done, or get that software that Amish Shah is offer for under 1 grand and make as many apps as you want until you find that super winner.

If I were you I would go for Amish Shah’s program, especially that it comes with some super training and a marketing network of apps to promote yours once you make them. So .. make them first then … you know what I mean maaaan.

Anyways … here’s a free webinar about this huge opportunity and how to tap into it:

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