Trade-mark Infringement: A Crime, not a Marketing Technique

Among the numerous black hat marketing techniques is to register a domain name that includes a trade-mark and build a website about a related product that pays you commission per lead or sale. This is one of the black hat ways to get organic search engine traffic.

It’s easy to do, cheap to start, and can make you a lot of money, but on the back end it’s very costly. This high cost comes from the companies you infringed their trade-marks when they file a lawsuit against you, and they usually win such lawsuits.

I always believed in that and never accepted this advice from the gurus who promote this technique, but only today that I learned about one of those being sued not only for trade mark infringement, but also for teaching this technique to his customers who purchased his high ticket product.

I had never been in his position before, but from what I hear from those who’ve been sued by the same company before I really feel bad for him because even if he had his business incorporated and structured correctly so that he doesn’t lose everything for a lawsuit like this one, still there will be a lot of losses, usually in the 7 figure zone or higher, that could mean the end of many business out there with similar size.

The moral from this story is that black, and even gray, hat marketing techniques might work for a while then get you in a lot of trouble. They are not the best way to go if you want to build a business you can sustain for the rest of your life and pass to your family, or sell.

Play by the rules, and stay away from black hat stuff that could only get you in trouble, eventually if not soon.

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