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The Future of Search Engines?

Search engine marketing is one of the most rewarding forms of marketing in terms of return on time and capital investment. Compared with direct paid advertising, where your traffic stops when you stop paying, search engine optimization is a work done today to keep working for you for some time down the road.

There is risk in the process, and it’s a big risk when the search engine giant Google decides to make a change that not only weeds out the low quality, meaningless content, but also harms some of the most content rich sites like article directories and the publishers who take their articles from article directories.

Being said, Google is not the only player in the game. Back in October 2010 Bing and Yahoo merged their search and are both now using Bing search engine. Also Bing closed some deals with third party search engines, that syndicate the search results from Google, to use Bing instead.

Now Bing accounts for 33% of the search activities on the Internet. That leaves Google, AOL, and all other search engines with 67% of the search.

Are tables turning on Google in the future? No one can tell, but obviously there is more to search engine optimization than Google. Yet, most of the search engine optimization services and information products around focus on optimizing for Google as if it were the only search engine that matters, and ignore the fact that there is another heavy weight player in the ring called Bing who’s gaining more share of the market every minute thanks to the new management of MSN and that of Google, who by the way took offices around the same time two or three years ago.

Google’s main focus now is mobile, which is by the way could be a big time bigger than computer Internet network. But the kind of service required for mobile is different and the same user could use both for different purposes. This means that search engine marketing is still a big medium for marketing and advertising, and it requires that search engine marketers keep working on updating their knowledge and techniques in order to maintain their existing businesses running.

I’d like to close with the fact that most of the content on social networks like facebook is meaningless and serve no value to the user. I mean that kind of I had that for brake fast and I love whatever. Yet, such sites got no harm from the new changes in Google’s algorithms.

I have no idea what’s going on, but I’ll be happy to hear from you if you have an opinion or news about it.

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