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The Death of Article Marketing and Autoblogging

A few days ago Google announced new changes in the algorithms that should, according to Google, affect 12% of the search queries. The purpose of these new algorithms changes is to weed out websites with low quality that give a not so good user experience.

One group of websites that have been affected by these new changes are article directories like, because in spite of the efforts that they do on ezinearticles to keep their content unique and of high quality, still in Google’s sight it’s duplicate content. The only thing I can think of now is that ezinearticles is an article directory where marketers and authors publish their articles, and publishers go and pick the articles that suit their websites.The publishers copy the article as it is with it’s links and post it on their websites. That makes it a duplicate content.

So for those marketers who kept annoying you with the “duplicate content is a myth” thing I say: how are doing ;-)?

And there goes most of the efforts of Internet marketers who spent months and years writing articles and spending money on outsourcing to drive traffic and build back-links to their sites.

But that’s not all. Have you heard of the autoblogging business model? If not, it’s that you build a blog, subscribe to a service that scrapes content from allover the net, rewrite it sometimes, and post it on your blog automatically without your interference. You just worry about placing the ads and collect the revenue.

Now, thanks to the new algorithms, this model is dead. Really, thank you Google.

Thank you Google, because now it’s time for legitimate bloggers to take over and leave those autobloggers in the dust trying to figure out how to spam the system once again.

Now it’s your chance. Start a legitimate blog and start providing your own unique content about something you love and have knowledge about. Now you can take back what’s yours.

Is 2011 a wonderful year or what?

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