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Employment Vs. Slavery

Not everyone can be a business person. For some, being employed is much more important than freedom and making more money.

The way I see jobs is not going to appeal to most people, because for me a job is a modern disguise for slavery. In your job you trade your time and freedom willingly (as if you have the choice) until you retire, forĀ  money that is hardly enough to pay for your shelter, food, and other needs. On the other hand, slaves trade their time and freedom against your will for the same things; shelter, food, and other basic needs.

If you disagree with me, as most people do, search for the answer of this question: Was there employment, as we know it now, when there was slavery? You’ll find the they never coexisted.

Jobs and employment have been invented very recently by capitalists to replace slavery. Before that there were professionals who could be hired per task, not for years or life to end up paying half of what they make as taxes, and 80% of their 401K or RRSP (whatever they call where you are) revenue to the bank while taking 100% of the risk and paying 100% of the invested capital!

Anyway. If you still think a job is more secure than a business, there are companies specialized in home-job placement. Their clients are big names, like Apple, IZOD, Microsoft, Calvin Kleim, and Compaq.

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But please, consider owning a business. Consider the job as a way to survive until you switch smoothly from being employed to being an employer. You’ll see the world from a completely different perspective as an employer.

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